The Unapologetic Issue

Issue 19 (Spring 2018)

Sorbet’s spring 2018 issue celebrates the power of being unapologetic. From our cover star Sara Sampaio’s arresting beauty, which plays perfectly to Cartier’s iconic jewelry in NYC’s legendary Cartier Mansion, to Beirut Queens, Anya Kneez and Bassem Feghali sharing the screen with Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Charchian in high-octane Middle-Eastern Gucci glamor, our talents champion the power of femininity. We also chat to Bil Arabi’s founder, artist Nadine Kanso, flash the light on the flamboyant life of art-fanatic Peggy Guggenheim and ask if Hugh Hefner was a help or hindrance to the feminist movement in his quest for female empowerment. This issue, more so than ever, we focus on individuals embracing their subversive edge in the most unapologetic way. So come join us; we promise you won’t be sorry…


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