Red Rhapsody

Issue 26 (Winter 2019)

This issue – Red Rhapsody – is exactly that: an ecstatic expression of red. We speak to Christian Louboutin. We speak to Dior makeup’s Peter Philips. We speak to Cartier. Plus, it’s nearly Christmas i.e. red! Cartier’s Magnitude collection is a panoply of precious gems, but its 470-ruby and diamond Alizarine necklace is the perfect piece. We asked the Maison if we could feature Princess Deena of Saudi Arabia on the cover drenched in the rubies. Of course, they said yes. There’s a poem about Christmas and Coca-Cola penned by Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt. Iconic horror writer Clive Barker wrote a poem of a very different type. We sent our Amsterdam correspondent on a tour of the Red Light District with 77-year-old twins, the Fokkens, and we have red-eye flight safety information too.

We have red gifts to give over the festive period, and we even have astrological predictions for the coming year – specifically how the planets Mercury and red-eyed Jupiter will influence you in 2020. We took Saudi model Shahad Salman and British brand Burberry to the red rocks of Al’Ula in Saudi Arabia to shoot fashion. We took red looks from all the best fashion brands to London to shoot with the red deer in Richmond Park. We shot drag queen Miss Fame in Paris, and we spoke for hours with vice president of Pantone and color psychologist Laurie Pressman, who left us with so many insights it was like a Red TED Talk. This issue will inspire you to take risks, have courage, work hard, and love as much as you possibly can. Wishing you the very best of luck in everything.


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