The Unbeatable Issue

Issue 33 (Fall 2021)

The Unbeatable Issue – big words, but in Dubai we always trade on hyperbole: the biggest, the tallest, the fastest. But records are set to be broken. And as my gymnastics coach once told me, people are only unbeatable until they’re beaten. At Sorbet we take pride in the book we produce. Is it unbeatable? Well maybe I’m biased, but I would say yes. Until it isn’t. And you other editors out there can take that as a challenge. We’re all about setting the bar, and this issue is as unbeatable as any we’ve ever done. We have our fabulous cover star Farida Khelfa, one of the world’s most iconic models, shot on one of the most iconic structures in the world, The Eiffel Tower, channeling Grace Jones in that favorite James Bond flick, A View to a Kill. As her character May Day was chased upwards by a pistol-shooting Roger Moore, she launched off the top and opened a black and yellow parachute, unbeaten of course. We have the perpetual leporine conflict between Duracell and Energizer bunnies. We have absurd world records, and Paralympic winners. We have space ships that have boldly gone where no man has gone before, space cowboys, skyscrapers, and the most epic of festivals. So if like us, you like legendary wins and victory laps, you will love this. And if you can’t beat us, well, then join us – you are always welcome.


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