Decade One

Issue 41 (Fall 2023)

When Sorbet launched 10 years ago, there was nothing like it in the Middle East; there is still nothing like it. A brilliant mix of culture, counter-culture, art, fashion, and so much more, we’ve spent this decade gathering some of the world’s best creative minds around us, to collaborate
or contribute, to consistently deliver our readers something completely unique. In the last 10 years, we’ve had innumerable priceless experiences – we’ve shot global superstars, and interviewed the leaders of the luxury world. We’ve traveled millions of miles to curate the content we’ve published, and we’ve pushed boundaries. We support progressive attitudes that are quickly evolving in the Middle East, and often sail very close to the wind on sensitive issues, but we have a platform we can use to champion more tolerance and acceptance, so while that comes with a level of risk, we believe it is risk worth taking, and onwards we go.

So here it is, our 10 year anniversary issue, featuring the unintentional action movie star Golshifteh Farahani – a dream come true. We’ve admired her astonishing ascent in Hollywood and her evident strength, tenacity, and of course her bewitching beauty for years – finally the stars aligned for this occasion. In a Florentine palazzo no less, dressed in gowns that sing with celebration, and jewels from Cartier, we talk about her own milestones, her big achievements, and what the next 10 years might hold for her too. And, with that, we ask you to join us, and toast to the last 10 years. We hope we’ve entertained, enlightened, and enriched you in at least some of the many ways Sorbet has us. And we toast to the next 10 too. The best is yet to come.


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