Cruising Altitude

Issue 3 (Spring 2014)

Sorbet’s spring 2014 issue takes you to new heights in our Cruising Altitude edition. With a focus on all things aviation and air travel, the magazine takes readers quite literally on a journey; from the glory of Pan Am and airline fashion to aviation-inspired Contemporary art, we explore air travel through the ages. Keeping strictly to the theme, our editorial content is highly exploratory – delving into your darkest fears of flying, to the more philanthropic side of air travel. We even uncover the secrets of the Emirates Airlines Catering facility, as well as divulging the cheeky confessions of cabin crew across the globe.

Each feature is accompanied by powerful images, whether from the archives to the present day through our unique photo shoots, pushing creative direction to its very limits. This edition of Sorbet is packed with attitude, so buckle up and come fly with us.


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